ProsperUs is pleased to introduce its best kept secret – the resident chairs of the Community Action Network (CAN) working groups. The CAN working groups allow residents, service providers and subject matter experts to come together to identify barriers that prevent children and youth in priority neighbourhoods from succeeding in school and co-develop solutions based on the most urgent issues.

Since November 2019, 35 residents across Downtown Windsor, West Windsor and Leamington have been working together and sharing their experiences with the CANs. The next step for the working groups is to co-design solutions to improve reading, writing and math skills for grade 3 and 6 students.  The three CANs have Co-chairs, with a resident Chair at the head of each working group. CAN working group Chairs also represent residents as voting members of the ProsperUs Leadership Council:

Downtown Windsor resident Rose Hayes joined the Community Action Network to help “change the stories for children and families in the downtown core”. Rose was awarded a Certificate of Apprenticeship from St. Clair College before having to leave her career as a machinist to remain home with son who has difficulties attending school due to his learning disabilities. She is grateful for the opportunity to chair the Downtown CAN working group and “to share our experiences and make a difference in the neighborhood”.

West Windsor chair, Mohammed Abdulssalam Al-Dailami is originally from Yemen and moved to Windsor in 2018 with his wife and three daughters, ages six to 13 years old. Mohammed is an English as a second language instructor with experience as a translator and interpreter, currently seeking employment.  “I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this tremendous project. I am looking forward to a fruitful experience that will enhance our community and decrease poverty,” says Mohammed.

Leamington chair Rose Ageitos, is “passionate about working with the members of our community to help support the ProsperUs goal of helping all our children achieve their dreams”. Rose is a single mother with three kids between the ages of eight and 20 and has lived in the Leamington community for more than a decade. She works in Administration and Finance. To Rose, chairing the CAN, is an exciting opportunity to learn about “innovative solutions and how to live harmoniously in our community”.

Read the ProsperUs Coming Together Report to learn more about the role of the Community Action Networks.

Each resident chair is also joined by one of the following ProsperUs Leadership Council partner representatives:

Downtown Windsor co-chair Kelly Farrugia, Windsor-Essex County Health Unit
West Windsor co-chair Frances Savoni, RBC
Leamington co-chair Shelley Fellows, Radix Inc.