Over the past few years, many of Windsor-Essex County’s most influential leaders have come together to identify a roadmap for change and make a pledge to the future of our community. A firm commitment was made to align community resources to ensure that the most vulnerable, and the most promising members of our population – our children and youth – succeed in their education, career and life. This cross-sector, outcome-focused partnership is called ProsperUs.


Every young person in Windsor-Essex County has the opportunity and support to succeed – from cradle to career.

Our goal is to support young people from cradle to career, and we know that an isolated and unorganized set of programs, initiatives, and focus areas won’t get us there. To transform whole communities, we must think beyond individual programs and services and see ourselves as a united system, and change our system to produce more equitable outcomes for children. That includes supports that create stable and healthy families and that will strengthen children in reaching their potential.


The ProsperUs Leadership Council, which is Co-Chaired by Shelley Fellows and Jessica Sartori, consists of leaders from multiple sectors who share accountability to improve the future for our youth. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County broadly supports the collective work of ProsperUs as the backbone organization.

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