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The Cradle to Career Strategy

The ProsperUs strategy is to create a continuum of support for children and youth from the time they’re born until they find a career (Cradle to Career or C2C). What we know is that locally, some children are falling behind. We need to change the trajectory for youth through education, the clearest pathway to success. As our community changes, ProsperUs partners are changing too. We are evolving to meet the needs of our community. We’re doing this by:

  1. Implementing a new approach to drive community impact by leveraging the combined investment of a broader cross-section of community partners than ever before.
  2. Developing a new C2C investment strategy with our partners and the community.
  3. Targeting future investments in priority neighbourhoods where the data is telling us more help is needed to support children and families, including West Windsor, Downtown Windsor and Leamington. By supporting those most in need, our whole community can thrive.
  4. Focusing our efforts on measurably improving outcomes for youth in Windsor-Essex County.

There is a track record of success for C2C strategies – other communities that have undertaken a similar shift have had incredible success – stronger math and literacy scores, improved graduation rates, more support from the community.


ProsperUs Community Action Network

The ProsperUs Collective seeks to elevate the voices of equity-seeking groups in West Windsor, Downtown Windsor and Leamington through its Community Action Network (CAN) Working Groups. Youth, parents, subject matter experts and frontline service providers make up the membership.

CAN working groups fully participate in the solution design process and other ProsperUs committees. This year, ProsperUs will launch a new Advocacy Working Group to further empower residents to create positive impact in their neighbourhoods.

Since November 2019 – and as part of this new collaborative model – ProsperUs has proudly welcomed over 160 participants. They have attended bi-monthly meetings at five working groups focused on Early Years, Middle Years and Post-Secondary. This has totaled nearly 2,300 hours of time spent by residents in co-creating solutions to be delivered to support local children and youth.

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