A generation from now, we want Windsor-Essex County to be a prosperous place where children have the ability to achieve their dreams and reach their potential.

It’s important for us to level the playing field for children across neighborhoods. The reality is that some kids need a head start to reach the finish line.

Our region’s greatest strength is our youth – they are the generation that will help shape our changing economy. Successful children will ultimately lead to a more vibrant and thriving community for all.

We will do this holistically, by supporting the aspects of a child’s life which most influence their development – educational success, social inclusion, health and nutrition, access to transportation (Social Determinants of Health) and wrap-around family supports that lay the foundation for financial stability and stable housing.  ProsperUs will also align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which provide a plan of action for people, the planet and prosperity. Our measure of success is that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed.


It’s about collective impact – which means that the whole community is coming together to create opportunities for kids that no single organization or sector can do on its own.

  • There’s something special happening here

  • A common vision for our community, by our community

  • Partners who are putting resources on the table – money, time and talent

  • Goals that will be measured as a community so that we can see the difference that is being made

  • Ongoing sharing of information and results for continuous improvement

  • A high-performing collective which is accountable to the community