cradle to career high school graduates

Cradle To Career Milestones: Students Who Graduate High School & Are Post-Secondary & Career Ready

High school graduates are more likely to have better employment and earning opportunities and are less likely to experience poverty, receive public assistance or be involved in the criminal justice system.

To amplify youth voices in priority neighbourhoods, the Youth Community Action Network (YCAN) was formed in July 2020 and consists of youth ages 13 to 25.

This group of 22 youth have identified community assets and prioritized barriers during 28 engagement sessions. They will begin working with service providers and subject matter experts to design solutions in January 2022. 

The group plans to address the need for specialized support to graduate high school, the cost of post-secondary education, and the need for youth-friendly supports in schools including access to mental health resources, tutoring, and other services that help them succeed.