Are you the parent or caregiver of a child 0-6 years old? We need you!

ProsperUs is looking for residents of Leamington, Downtown and West Windsor to join the ProsperUs Early Years Community Action Network (CAN). Members will work together to tackle barriers faced by young children and their families in their community.

Selected applicants will receive a stipend of $14 per hour for meeting attendance, meetings are bi-weekly online. Preference will be given to parents with children in the 0-6 age range. APPLY NOW.

Applications are also available in other languages here:


Please submit applications to Karlene Nielsen at

Applications are open.

CAN working group members include area residents, community service providers, and experts who work together to create solutions to barriers experienced by children and their families, which will be developed into programs and services that assist youth to succeed. For this specific working group we will be focusing on the early years of a child’s life.

There are limited seats for members at this working group so that members who are selected will get to know each other, build a relationship, and get the training they need to create effective solutions.