The people we elect make decisions that impact our lives .

Voting is a right, responsibility and opportunity for Canadian citizens. Municipal elections usually produce the lowest voter turn-out of all government elections, but have the most direct impact on our community. Increasing voter turnout means better representation and a better quality of life.

If we work together as a community and increase voter turnout, then our local leadership will more closely reflect our needs.   

What is important to you?

Poverty Homelessness
Harm Reduction Mental Health Resources
Climate Change Inclusivity
Gender/Pay Equity & Decent Work Safe & Livable Neighbourhoods

Without your vote, these serious issues may not receive the level of attention they deserve from the next city council and school board trustees. Please scroll down for more resources for the municipal election.

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Why Vote?

On October 24, 2022 you have the power to vote for Mayor, and your City Councillor and School Board Trustee. Your vote is your tool for selecting who is representing you in making decisions that impact your life.

Mayor and councillors make decisions on:
  • By-laws, building permits, zoning, property taxes
  • Community safety/protection
  • Transit/Bus services, roadways, and bike lanes
  • Administration of housing policy and community housing
  • Environment, water and waste management
  • Public green spaces and recreational facilities
School Board Trustees are responsible for:
  • Setting policies about how school services are provided
  • Passing budgets and setting student achievement goals
  • Holding the Director of Education accountable

Who Can Vote?

You must be a Canadian citizen who is 18 years of age or older on voting day and a resident/owner/tenant of land in the municipality or the spouse of that owner/tenant.

How to Vote:
  • In Windsor: Bring your voter notification card and ID to your assigned voting station. If you do not receive a voter notification card, you can register to vote at the voting station by showing ID that has your name and address. Information at
  • In Leamington: Mail-In Voting only – Information at
  • Transit Windsor is providing free transit to polling stations with proof of a valid voting card

Share the Message

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