Are you between the ages of 19-29? Do you live in West Windsor, Downtown Windsor or Leamington?

ProsperUs is looking for youth ages 19-29 to participate in a working group that will look at youth employment challenges for West Windsor, Downtown Windsor and Leamington. Youth will receive a stipend (payment) for meeting attendance.

We want to hear from youth that have experiences with:

  • Graduated but cannot get a job in their field or desired career
  • Did not complete high school or post-secondary education
  • Are not employed, working or in education
  • Have had to overcome barriers to get a job in their field or desired career

Together youth will identify barriers to youth success and discuss solutions that ProsperUs will look to activate. Youth will be able to network with other youth, meet community service providers and learn more about the services in their community.

All meetings are online using Zoom and members will have access to iPads to attend meetings if needed.

Applications are open and are ongoing.

For questions or assistance, please contact Karlene Nielsen at or 519-259-6148

Click on the image below to download PDF