To influence policies to bring about systemic change, ProsperUs recognizes the need for advocacy.

Do you have a passion for action, change, and ensuring public voice and participation? ProsperUs currently has two Advocacy Working Groups, one in Windsor for residents living in the Downtown or West Windsor areas and one for Leamington residents. Applications are open to join these groups now!

Start your application and join the Community Action Network (CAN)!

Use your voice to advocate for policy change, system change, or to increase public awareness of issues affecting our community. Awareness campaigns related to the programmatic solutions will aim to change perceptions and, eventually, behaviour of stakeholders and decision makers.

Building community voice, power and putting decision-making in the hands of those who are most affected by those decisions is at the core of the advocacy efforts of ProsperUs. An Advocacy Working Group will be created to gather perspectives, stories, input, and expertise from residents in order to inform or strengthen advocacy or policy work. This group will be called the Community Action Network (CAN) Advocacy Working Group.

If you are passionate about action and change for your neighborhood, please consider joining the CAN Advocacy Working Group.