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Join the Youth Community Action Network Milestone 6

ProsperUs is looking for youth ages 19-29 to participate in a working group that will look at youth employment challenges for West Windsor, Downtown Windsor and Leamington.

Join the CAN Advocacy
Working Group

Use your voice to advocate for policy change, system change, or to increase public awareness of issues affecting our community.

To truly impact outcomes for children and youth, it is fundamental to include community stakeholders in the development of solutions to the barriers facing them in our communities. The Community Action Network (CAN) is the means to ensuring authentic community engagement as a cornerstone of the Cradle to Career Strategy.

CAN is comprised of Working Groups anchored in the three neighbourhoods that ProsperUS has identified in their report “Coming Together-Building a Hopeful Future for Children and Youth in Windsor-Essex County” — Leamington, Downtown Windsor and West Windsor.

These Working Groups come together to discuss their respective neighbourhoods and systems level barriers they experience as residents. Together, they co-create solutions to improve outcomes for children at a specific Cradle to Career Milestone(s). ProsperUs recognizes that by shifting systemic conditions, we can elevate the quality of life and sustainable prosperity for our residents and our region.

ProsperUS Leadership Council is a collective of community leaders representing a large cross section of the public, non-profit and private sectors who have come together on the long-term vision of unlocking youth potential from Cradle to Career in Windsor-Essex County through a Cradle to Career (C2C) strategy. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County broadly supports the collective work of ProsperUs as the Backbone Organization.


The ProsperUs Leadership Council, which is Co-Chaired by Shelley Fellows and Jessica Sartori, consists of leaders from multiple sectors who share accountability to improve the future for our youth. United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County broadly supports the collective work of ProsperUs as the backbone organization.

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